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Australian War Memorial

A trip to Canberra this afternoon gave me an opportunity to visit one of the most hallowed places in the country once more. The Australian War Memorial stands to remind us of those who made so many sacrifices for what we have today and to pay our respect to those who still stand tall in the face of atrocity and protect our hard fought freedom. It is a place of pause. A place of respect. A place of honour. Thank you to all those Australians who still stand watch while we sleep. You know who you are. If you haven't visited the Australian War Memorial, take the time, read the stories, look at the pictures and be thankful for we are living in the lucky country.

old codger.jpg
walk roll of honour.jpg
victoria cross bar.jpg
trinket australia.jpg
tomb of the unknown soldier.jpg
roll of honour list.jpg
poppy wall.jpg
wall of borneo.jpg
note of war.jpg
lest we forget tarin kot.jpg
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