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Happy New Year

Many people revel into the wee hours of the morning. Some consume their years supply of alcohol. Others make resolutions to do things differently. Me, well I decided to kick this year off right by waking up at 2AM for a hike up into Australia's Snowy Mountains to enjoy the first sunrise of 2015 in natural alpine splendour. Sharing such a special place with some family made it even sweeter. If you've never been up into the main range of Australias Alps in summer, please put it on your To Do list. It's well worth it. I hope your 2015 is a magical one full of achievement, love and fun. Cheers, Matt

seamans hut predawn colour.jpg
alpine daisys BW.jpg
family seamans.jpg
pre dawn snowy river.jpg
Seamans daisy.jpg
Seamans window.jpg

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